Voka Coffee.

Voka is a speciality coffee company from India.
We've made the brand identity and illustrations in 2020.

A new takeaway experience.

Voka proposes to serve quality coffee at an affordable price, having a bunch of small locations all hover the major cities of India, always near the offices and most centric parts of them.
Having in mind its millennial and city-based customers, we designed an urban and innovative brand with a spirited and entrepreneurial identity and a bold yet sophisticated image.
They wanted to look international but to have their country's heritage in a way Indian people can relate to it and International people can easily see where it’s from.

It could be a square with arrows or it could be an elephant, if you’re truly a Voka’s customer, you will know it.
That was the idea behind the Voka’s brand mark, it's minimalist but it really catches your attention and you will have to stay staring at it to understand it.
But when you see it, you will get excited and, at the same time proud of Voka, for choosing the heritage animal of India to represent their brand and all this will make you want to share it with the world.

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