Sense Cups

Coffee Tasting Cup

The Sense Cup is a specialty coffee cup designed to enhance the perception of aromatics, brightness, and sweetness. The ceramic body is a wine glass in form, with a narrow neck that promotes concentrated evaporation and higher intensity of aroma.
The tulip-style lip creates a wide surface area that introduces the beverage to the palate - enhancing perceptions of coffee's complex and delicate aromas.
With a capacity of 150ml, the Sense Cup is designed to pair with a carafe.

Delightful to hold, extremely enjoyable to drink from, and optimized for the perfect sensory experience - enjoy coffee like never before.
Special mention to Jerney for the photographs.
We tested dozen of variations in the search of the perfect form. We not only wanted to design a cup that would look cute, but we also wanted to find a way to enhance the aroma, sweetness and brightness in the coffee.
Before starting industrial production, we made two plaster molds to test the cup, and also to test different color and texture finishes using different types of oxides and enamels. These were some of the first ceramic prototypes of Sense.

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