Brewer v3

The evolution that will start a revolution.

Redesigned from the ground up to challenge the best of the best. A design that combines the advantages of flatbed brewers with the aspects people love in conical brewers. Experience bright brews with incredible clarity of flavor unlike any other brewer in the world.
Special mention to Jerney for the photographs.
We tested many options for the locking system between the base and the funnel throughout the design process. The goal was to design a base to be used for both 1-cup and 2-cup funnel sizes.For that, it was essential to have an easy but strong locking system between the pieces.
Some crucial aspects addressed in this project were usability, shape, manufacturing capabilities, and production costs.
Funnels 155 and 185 sizes.
The Orea V3 comes in two sizes. The small funnel was designed to be used with paper filters 155 size, and the big funnel was designed to ve used with filters 185 size. Both funnels were designed to be used with the same 4mm recycled plastic base.
This brewer has a unique patented ring design and a totally flat bed, which reduces inconsistencies experienced with other flat bed brewers. Because there are less factors at play, you will inherently have more consistent brews. Due to the fact that you don't have a series of small holes that can easily clog, you will get less stalling. Finally, because the bed is totally flat, adding more coffee won't impact flow and consistency.
For the brewer, OREA chose to use an innovative thermoplastic, TROGAMID because of its low thermal conductivity rate and durability. It acts as an insulator, which you will notice as you brew. Because it’s so good at insulating, it remains cold enough to touch, keeping the heat in the bed of coffee. This helps with ensuring higher extractions and more sweetness in the cup.
Bases made from recycled plastics.
The V3 base is made from 100% post-consumer recycled Polypropylene plastics. These unique bases are manufactured in the UK, using local waste from items like bottle caps, takeaway containers and Tupperware. Each base is a true waste to treasure journey, made in an artisanal process.
Perfectly imperfect - as the base is made using low-tech injection methods and imperfect plastics, each piece has its own character, imperfections and story. No two parts can be identical, and the source material changes over time.
For the wood enthusiasts, OREA partnered up with a Korean company called Prolog to add a walnut 9mm base that fits perfectly with the funnel.
A faster flow rate gives us a wider range and more versatility. Go from just above espresso ground to the coarse ground in one beautiful brewer. This allows you to explore a new set of brewing approaches and get more out of any coffee.

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