Larbis Co.

Larbis Co. is a cannabis accessories brand.
We've made product design, brand identity, graphic design, and illustrations in 2021.

A grinder like none other.

Larbis is not our typical client. They're a group of friends who share a love for surfing, skating, and graffiti writing. They wanted to make a cannabis grinder that could reflect their lifestyle and sell it more like a fashionable one and customizable toy than a grinder.
We designed and manufactured the product, the brand, and all the graphic pieces they needed including the packaging, website, and social media.

Larbis's brand is designed to be playful, have a kinda retro vibe, and be very colorful enhancing the product’s aesthetics.

We designed and manufactured the product in 3D printing to ensure a low scale of production and a high range of customization in colors and accessories like the different sets of hats.

The approach of making it customizable like a toy, not only separated the product from the misconceptions of its category but also made the people want to match it with their style so they started to buy more and more accessories with different colors to combine it to its clothes. Also, we’ve designed a tray to hold the product and all the rolling tools Larbis's offers.
We’re planning now to design premium and exclusive accessories and to partner up with well-known brands to level up their company.

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